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Beetle Juice

Dust off that juicer and have some fun creating sweet treats for your kids JUICE STYLE!  We created this one today and named it BEETLE JUICE! I had a fridge full of random stuff I needed to use up and this was the perfect solution!  Don’t make it difficult... read more

Meal Replacement Shake

My favorite meal(s) of the day!  Let’s just say I kind of LOVE this shake.  I have tried MANY different kinds of meal replacement shakes and NONE come close to the flavor of this one.  It’s meal replacement shake PERFECTION in my opinion!  It has been one... read more

The Unlimited Snack Bar

Tired of your kids asking for snacks constantly?  Give this a try!  Every time the boys ask for a snack, I can send them to the snack container in the fridge!  Have fun with it.  My boys are SO excited that they have their very own snack container.  If you can, buy... read more

Homemade Almond Milk!

Guess what!?  YOU can make your very own Almond Milk and guess what else??!!  It is so easy you’ll smack yourself for not doing this FOREVER ago!  Seriously!  Here’s what you do! 1.  Measure a cup of raw almonds.  Dump in glass container.  Cover with... read more

Orange Dream Hulk Machine Smoothie

When you name your smoothies with cool super hero names your kids think it’s cool…seriously try it!  Since my brain is geared for all things boy, I usually associate anything green with hulk or monster to make it sound extra delicious! Great for the kids... read more


This soup is very easy to make and it not only tastes amazing (in my opinion), but it is a powerhouse of nutrition every spoonful you take. Ingredients:   1 carton of vegetable broth (32oz or 4 cups). 4 bunches of mixed greens OR 1 large tub of mixed super greens, 1... read more

Peanut Butter Honey Crispies

This was my first attempt at creating these so I wasn’t great about keeping track of measurements, but it’s really up to you as far as how “crispy” you want them to be, or if you prefer them more “gooey.” Ingredients!  1/2 cup... read more

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