Dust off that juicer and have some fun creating sweet treats for your kids JUICE STYLE!  We created this one today and named it BEETLE JUICE!

beetle juice (2)

I had a fridge full of random stuff I needed to use up and this was the perfect solution!  Don’t make it difficult because who has time for that??


1. 5 ish organic carrots

2.  4 tiny little organic apples or 2 normal size

3.  2 beets

4.  2 oranges

That’s it!  Wash and peel before pushing them down the tunnel!

beetle juice (3)

I made a large mason jar full from the above recipe!

Have your kids name it because it somehow becomes yummy when they have a part in it.  My boys love it over ice!

Store in fridge for 3 days max!

Kid Hack:  Make Popsicles with it!




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