Ye Olde Castlewood Park in Cordera!


This park is not only super fun, but it is an award winning park inspired by the big and small theme in Alice in Wonderland!  If you have little’s, it’s always great to explore new parks and this one will not disappoint!  And while the kids are playing you can play along with them while getting a nice little mommy workout in!  Next door is another great park just walking distance if you want to have a day at the parks.  It’s called Happy Meadows Park and is designed to look like the farm from Charlotte’s Web!  How cool is that??  Here is a link for more information on the parks!




Take the kids for a nice jog around the perimeter of the park.  Or watch them play as you warm up!  If you have a stroller you can burn some extra calories by pushing it!!  My kids love to participate when I work out…even my littlest is joining us if you can find him:)  This is also a perfect place to do sprints if you can sneak them in!



Find a bench, picnic table or the steps on the playground equipment and step up and back down alternating legs.  Add a kid on your back to make it more challenging.  They will be up for the ride!!




So many options with push ups.  You can simply use the grass if you are still transitioning from knees to regular push-ups, use a curb as you see in the picture to elevate your self a little more, a table top (as you see me using) makes a regular push up easier unless you have a boy on your back:), if you go down to the bench it will make it more challenging.  Try out different angles and heights to see where you are most comfortable doing around 10 -12 reps!



Again, you have options for making your triceps grow:)  Find a curb, bench, balance beam, stairs, whatever you see and begin by bringing your knees closer in to your body as you dip down.  The more you bring your legs out straight, the harder it will be so you can decide where you are.  Using a curb and doing a mini dip is a great start if you are not use to this movement.  Make sure your elbows are straight back like my little guy in the middle.  He has better form than me:)



This was the best part of the workout.  These fun little round gadgets were all different heights so you can pick one that is most comfortable for jumping up onto.  This is a great way to get your heart rate going!  Start with your feet shoulder width apart and use your arms to power up onto the base of the gadget. Land with your feet together.  Come up all the way into a standing position, step down, and do as many as you can!  *** Make sure gadget does not spin***  

Have fun and be creative!  Working out doesn’t have to be hard or regimented or planned.  Go with what you have with the time you have.  There is no right way, just move and you will have more energy, patience, sanity, and your precious kids will thank you:)


Stacie Cannell


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