Guess what!?  YOU can make your very own Almond Milk and guess what else??!!  It is so easy you’ll smack yourself for not doing this FOREVER ago!  Seriously!  Here’s what you do!

1.  Measure a cup of raw almonds.  Dump in glass container.  Cover with water.  Go on with your day!

2.  About 8 to 12 hrs later…Rinse them off and drain.


3.  Fill Blender with 4 cups of water.

4.  Dump almonds in.

*Flavor with pure vanilla powder (1/2 tsp)

*Sweeten with 2 dates … or not

I like mine with just vanilla but I made it for a friend and added dates and she loved it!

5.  Blend and sing a song or two.


6.  When it looks blended grab your nut bag!


7.  Put nut bag over a glass container and pour milk into it.


8.  Start squeezing your nut bag to get all of the liquid out of it and into your bowl!

Squeeze and squeeze some more.  Pretend you are milking a cow.


9.  Put milk in a glass container and cover it and store it in the fridge!

10.  That’s it.  It takes about 10-15 minutes once you have your almonds soaked!

11.  Tastes amazing!

12.  Shelf life 4 days.

13.  Save your almond meal and use it or freeze it.

14.  Google what do I do with almond meal!



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