Do you ever wonder what to do with all of the papers your kids bring home on a daily basis?  Here are a few easy things I do to keep them organized!  I have 3 bins/binders I use for this process!  Before I show you what I put in each bin/binder I have a couple of tips!

TIP 1:  Only keep the things that are worth keeping!  When the kids get home from school, I look at their papers as I hold the trash can open.  DO NOT create a pile that you will get to later!  This will only make you overwhelmed at a later date and the bigger the pile gets, the less motivated you will be to address it!  Stuff worth keeping in my opinion:  special art projects, reports, their favorite writing projects, stories they create, etc.  Be very selective!!

TIP 2:  Have your bins and binders accessible!  I have a rule that everything has a home and it goes in it’s home right away.  It only takes about 2 minutes and it saves you so much stress and mess later!

Below each photo you will see what I use them for!


IMPORTANT PAPERS:  Make a file bin for each child.  Create a folder for each year up to 18.  Any significant papers or cards I file in the file containers.  This includes, special photos, birthday cards from grandparents, report cards, birth announcements, birth bands, class photos, doctor visit stats…etc.


DAILY DRAWINGS AND STICKERS:  These binders I only use for the pictures the kids insist they must keep.  This is also a good place to take a blank sheet of paper and use it to collect all of the stickers they collect.  This way they don’t end up on your car windows, clothing, or walls…unless you are into that:)


SPECIAL PROJECTS:  Special projects go in their big school container.  This includes book reports, art work, portfolios, writing, etc.  This is the bin I’m most selective with because I don’t want a storage room full of things I will need to go through again at a later date.  Really think about whether or not your child will enjoy seeing this when they are 18 or 30…save them the work of having to go through it when they move out!


KEEP IT ACCESSIBLE:  Remember my tip about keeping it accessible?  This is where I keep all of it.  Together in a hallway closet so I can access it any time!  When you get home from the doctor and want a safe place to keep their annual growth stats…file it under that year!  When you find a special drawing that looks like it’s worth keeping, or special to your child in that moment, stick it in the binder!  When your child brings home a special book report they wrote or a culmination binder or a very special picture they drew, place it in the special project bin!

This has been a huge help for me and I hope it will help you too!


Stacie Cannell






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