Personalized Nutrition Coaching

nutrition coaching
Basic Package: $100/month.  This would include:
  • Initial plan set-up
  • 1 – One hour session per month (virtual or live at your location, Mon thru Fri)
  • Body Measurements and Skin Fold Test
  • Specific goals/actions to be achieved each month
  • 3 Metrics to track results (calories, macros, workouts)
  • 1 Values assessment

Upgraded Package:  $200/month  This would include:

  • Initial plan set-up
  • 2 – one hour session per month (virtual or live at your location, Mon thru Fri)
  • Body Measurements and Skin Fold Test
  • Specific goals/actions to be achieved each week/month
  • Personalized metrics to track results (calories, macros, workouts, weight, etc)
  • 1 Values assessment
  • Weekly adjustments to plan if needed
  • Personal access (9 am to 6 pm) via text or email
  • Regular accountability communications (call, email, text, live)

Additional Services

Pantry/kitchen makeover – $200

  • This includes going through your pantry and getting rid of items that no longer add value to your health!  It also includes a fresh clean organized look to get you ready for success as you work towards your new healthy goals!  Aproximately 2-3 hrs

Grocery Store Tour – $250

  • This includes creating a personalized shopping list just for you as you start your new meal plan.  I will take you through the grocery store that you most frequent and show you how to shop quickly, efficiently, and what isles you need to focus on as well as avoid.  This tour is 90 minutes and includes teaching you how to read labels and what to look for when shopping for healthy foods that align with your new plan.

Group cooking class – minimum 5. max 8 – $125

  • Get your friends together as I teach you easy healthy meals that we will create as a group.  Each person will have an opportunity to learn and apply the skills needed to take these tools home.  You will each leave with a 4 day supply of healthy meals and the confidence to food prep on your own to set yourself up for success!  Each person will be responsible for bringing certain items on the list that I will personally create for this event.  2 hours needed for this class.

Private food prep session – $100

  • A one on one food prep class.  You will be responsible for bringing the groceries and a list will be provided based on your goals.  You will leave with 4 days of meals and great tips for making food prep a simple part of your life.  2 hours needed.

Smoothie class – minimum 5. max 8 – $125

  • A fun class on how to create fun, healthy, and delicious smoothies!  Smoothies are a great way to get in those healthy oils, greens, and other super foods that give you the boost you need everyday!  We will create 4 different smoothies together to sample and enjoy and you will go home with 4 recipes to make them successfully at home!  2 hours needed.

Personal Training – $50/hr

  • One on one workouts that you can take home with you or implement at the gym.  Contact me for more details.

Additional Services

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